Enthusiasm of the Indonesian Chef Association Visits Ajinomoto Visitor Center

18 March 2020

Collaborate with Horeca Dept, our colleague from Indonesian Chef Association Jakarta representatives visit AVC

Continue Your Master Study in Japan with Ajinomoto Scholarship

22 January 2020

Every year Ajinomoto send Indonesian students to study (Master Program) at one of the selected universities in Japan.

Winning Meals ‘Kachimeshi’, Key Success of Swimming Athlete I Gede Siman Sudartawa Wins Gold Medal at the 30th SEA GAMES Philippines

06 January 2020

Ajinomoto Indonesia as a company that produces variety of seasoning in Indonesia is proud to hold the Winning Meals 'Kachimeshi' program which is a continuation of Ajinomoto's global program based in Japan.

Let’s Join “Banyak Masak Banyak Rejeki” With Masako® and Win The Prizes

05 December 2019

Jakarta - PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia through Masako® products as No. broth seasoning 1 *) in Indonesia is currently holding a lottery with a prize entitled "Many Cooks Many Fortune" With Masako®.

YumYum Imported Thai Fried Noodle with Spicy Roasted Chicken Flavor, New Instant Noodle Product from Ajinomoto

22 November 2019

With huge size of instant noodle market, especially fried noodle variants in Indonesia, makes PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia doesn’t want to be outdone to come up with a new idea by launch the new variant of imported instant noodle products, namely YumYum Thai Spicy Grilled Chicken, or YumYum rasa Ayam Panggang Pedas Khas Thailand.

The Excitement of Media Gathering at Ajinomoto Visitor Center

10 October 2019

Ajinomoto Visitor Center provides a unique experience for Indonesia society to know about history, manufacturing process, and how to enjoy the delicacy of Umami with more fun.