Ajinomoto Supports I Gede Siman Sudartawa in the 31st SEA Games Vietnam to Win Bronze Medals

24 May 2022

Indonesian swimmer I Gede Siman also contributed a bronze medal at the Vietnam SEA Games, supported by Winning Meals Kachimeshi Ajinomoto

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA Collaborates with ACT Sharing a Healthy Menu for Iftar

27 April 2022

Ajinomoto collaborates with ACT holding an event in order sharing healthy menu for iftar pahlawan kebersihan lingkungan di Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya.

Launching AJI-NO-MOTO® Paper Packaging, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA Breaks MURI Record

26 April 2022

In commemoration of Earth Day 22 April 2022, AJI-NO-MOTO® paper packaging was launched, breaking the MURI record for the first MSG seasoning in Indonesia with environmentally friendly packaging

Healthy Ngabuburit Media with Dapur Umami, Enlivened by Cooking Together and Attractive Prizes

20 April 2022

Ajinomoto Indonesia invites media colleagues in the Healthy Ngabuburit event Media Together with Umami Kitchen with Chef Ucu and Nazhif Gifari, Nutritionist

Media Visit to Ajinomoto Factory in Mojokerto, Introduce Environmentally Friendly Contribution with Zero Waste Production Process

04 April 2022

During a visit to the Ajinomoto Mojokerto factory, the media was introduced to the company's contribution to an environmentally friendly business with a zero-waste production process.

Number 1 Sports Drink in Japan aminoVITAL® Now Available in Indonesia

29 March 2022

aminoVITAL® is a sports jelly drink with apple flavored amino acid jelly drink which is the No.1 Sport Drink in Japan