Savory flavoring ("UMAMI") from AJINOMOTO which has speciality with more delicious, more economic value, and more efficient. Because it has 3 times more potency than ordinary monosodium glutamate (MSG) and provides a long-lasting of umami flavor. Suitable for crackers, snacks, etc.


In addition to having a 3 times more potency than MSG, it can also provide a stable, full "UMAMI" flavor and long-lasting. It is suitable for liquid spices (soy sauce, sauce, pasta and so on) because it is more stable the savory taste because of warming process. Also suitable for the cracker industry.


Meat extract seasoning made from real meat and selected spices, effectively escalates the meaty aroma and flavor for applications in snack and meat processing industries.


Meat extract seasonings made from genuine meat and selected spices that have the advantage of giving a strong chicken or beef broth flavor, full taste in the mouth and harmonizing the overall taste. Suitable for the Snack and processed meat industry.


Seasonings that are very suitable for processed shrimp industry such as shrimp crackers, shrimp meatballs and so on. Has a function to strengthen the taste and flavor of shrimp, a sense of "UMAMI", harmonize the overall taste, and can replace for some shrimp paste.


Contain of sweetener food additives, has the function of reducing the use of sugar, with sweetness 10x stronger than sugar. Suitable for Snack Industry as a sprinkle seasoning. It can also harmonize and strengthen the overall feeling.


Premix flour for processed meatballs that serves to improve the texture of meatballs and improve the taste and aroma of beef. Has 2 product variants: 1 kg and 100g


Flavoring seasoning and give "KOKUMI (delicacy)". Serves as a reinforcement of the feeling of the (basic & middle note). Has more than 5 product variants.


Flavor enhancer spices, boosters / scents and also give "KOKUMI (delicacy)". Serves as a reinforcement of feeling in the (middle & top note). Has more than 10 product variants


MSG with 25kg package type, specifically for industry. Give a sense of "UMAMI" and have homogeneous crystals that facilitate the production process and can produce good quality taste. Has 5 crystal size types


Industrial specialty products with 10 kg and 20 kg packaging. Has a homogeneous crystal and functions to provide a strong "UMAMI" feeling because it has a synergistic effect with MSG.

Aspartame Amino Sweet®

Industrial specialty products with 25 kg package type. Made from selected amino acids and has a 200x sweetness level than ordinary sugar. Suitable for drinks, food ingredients, and pharmaceuticals.


Industrial-specific products and Japanese technology. Has a function as an enzyme that forms a cross-link reaction between protein molecules. Suitable for use on protein products such as processed meat and processed fish. Has 4 product variants.


Industrial-specific products and has functions to give a strong "UMAMI" flavor because they have a synergistic effect with MSG and provide a "UMAMI" stable taste in liquid products.