PT Ajinomoto Indonesia is a company that nurtures pride to its employees. At PT Ajinomoto Indonesia, we offer career path as well as opportunities to each employee to develop skills and expertise through trainings that we organize in regular basis. We are seeking for human resources with high integrity and loyalty in facing challenges. With such qualities, together we will provide concrete contribution to the Indonesian people in food and health sector in particular.

Job Vacancy Currently Not Available
PT Ajinomoto Indonesia is not conducting a Recruitment process that works with any Travel. Every Recruitment conducted by the Indonesian Ajinomoto Group never collects or asks to pay a sum of money. Someone has already made a payment, please be able to send proof of transfer and invitation or proof of conversation to the official HR email, namely
At the moment we are also following up on the complaints so that there are no other victims and no fraudulent Recruitment in the name of Ajinomoto