Terms & Conditions for Online Order Transactions with Ajinomoto

  1. The buyer must register using an active WhatsApp number with the Seller.
  2. In addition to transaction purposes, the Seller must maintain the confidentiality of the buyer/customer's personal data.
  3. The Seller must fulfill and deliver the Goods/Products according to the order from the Buyer.
  4. Any orders received before 12:00 will be processed and delivered on the next working day (H+1).
  5. Any orders received after 12:00 will be processed and delivered on the second working day (H+2).
  6. Any orders received on holidays will be delivered on the second working day (H+2).
  7. Orders received after 12:00 cannot be canceled by the Buyer.
  8. Payment must be made after the Goods/Products are received by the Buyer at the location (COD - Cash on Delivery).
  9. The shipping cost is borne by the Seller.
  10. The Seller guarantees that the products sold are Halal and domestically produced.


Seller: PT. Ajinomoto Sales Indonesia

Buyer: Customer/Client who conducts a transaction to purchase products from PT. Ajinomoto Sales Indonesia