PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA Initiates Global Sustainability: To Reduce Usage of Water Up to 35%

10 April 2021

AJINOMOTO INDONESIA commits to support the Indonesian society by reducing the water usage for production process up to 35%

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA Processes Liquid Waste into Clean Water; A Commitment to Protect the Environment

10 April 2021

AJINOMOTO INDONESIA continues the commitment to support the government in protecting the environment. With Waste Water Management Improvement program

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA Launches New Product “PILIPLUS” For Best Solution and Benefits to Food Industry Customers

22 March 2021

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA has launched a new product for the Industrial category, namely “PILIPLUS”, to fulfill the needs of food industry market in Indonesia

Sajiku® from PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA reduce The Plastic Usage up to 9,5 % in 2021

10 March 2021

Sajiku® is committed to supporting the government to reduce plastic use by reducing pack thickness, while maintaining the quality of product contents

Sajiku® from AJINOMOTO INDONESIA Launch the Newest TVC Serves Practical and Healthy Fried Rice Menu During Pandemic Period

09 March 2021

Through its newest TVC, Sajiku® introduced a menu of fried rice with balanced nutrition, practical, and of course delicious

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA Webinar Event Helps Education to Support Elderly Stay Healthy in Pandemic Situation

04 March 2021

AJINOMOTO INDONESIA in collaboration with the Research Institution of IDI held a Webinar Event