Ajinomoto Introduces Balanced Nutritious Food Solutions for Islamic Boarding Schools through School Lunch Program

27 June 2022

Ajinomoto holds a webinar to improve nutritional status, as well as improve the Clean & Healthy Behavior of children & adolescents as well as the implementation of SLP in Islamic boarding schools

The Importance of a Balanced Nutritional Intake and Environmental Care for the Community

06 June 2022

Ajinomoto collaborated with The Learning Farm (TLF) in socializing the importance of healthy nutrition and environmental care

Happy Elderly Day! Help Seniors Improve Quality of Life with Glutamate Amino Acid in Umami Seasoning

06 June 2022

Ajinomoto Indonesia with the Research Team from UGM conducted the Elderly Project research to improve the nutrition of the elderly with Glutamate Amino Acid

The Practice of Circular Economy by PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA Create an Environmentally Friendly Production Process

31 May 2022

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA carries out circular economic practices to create environmentally friendly production processes in order to achieve zero waste

Ajinomoto Supports I Gede Siman Sudartawa in the 31st SEA Games Vietnam to Win Bronze Medals

24 May 2022

Indonesian swimmer I Gede Siman also contributed a bronze medal at the Vietnam SEA Games, supported by Winning Meals Kachimeshi Ajinomoto

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA Collaborates with ACT Sharing a Healthy Menu for Iftar

27 April 2022

Ajinomoto collaborates with ACT holding an event in order sharing healthy menu for iftar pahlawan kebersihan lingkungan di Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya.