Welcoming 2022, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA Continues to Commit to Increasing Healthy Life Expectancy and Reducing Environmental Impact

11 January 2022

Ajinomoto Indonesia continues to make a major contribution in improving the quality of life of the Indonesian people with various achievements in 2021.

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA's Efforts to Achieve Zero Waste & Create an Environmental-Friendly Production Process

06 January 2022

AJINOMOTO INDONESIA factory in Mojokerto has made various efforts to achieve Zero Waste which is an effort to minimize & reduce environmental pollution to zero

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA Earn Best Halal Innovation Award for Succeed in Developing SAORI®

28 December 2021

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA earned Best Halal Innovation Awards for succeed in developing SAORI® made from local ingredients to replace alcohol-base ingredients

Ajinomoto Indonesia with Rosiana Silalahi Talking in Topics, ‘Live Healthy, Eat Well, How?’ on Kamar Rosi, Kompas TV Youtube Channel

24 December 2021

Ajinomoto Indonesia with Rosiana Silalahi and Nutritionists talk about Healthy Living, Eating Delicious and the Role of MSG in Rosi's Room Kompas TV Youtube

Care for Victims of the Mount Semeru Eruption Disaster, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA Collaborates with Baznas to Distribute Donations

22 December 2021

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA in collaboration with the National Amil Zakat Agency (BAZNAS) provided donations to victims of the Mount Semeru eruption disaster.

What Food, Nutrition, and Culinary Experts said: “Snack lovers must know that MSG is safe to consume”

07 December 2021

The 2022 food trend, which is in accordance with the millennial generation and families, where MSG is considered safe to be one of the main ingredients of food