Ajinomoto Invites Wider Communities to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle and Care for the Environment in Adeging Pura Mangkunegaran 2023 Event

16 March 2023

Ajinomoto educates the public on the importance of a low-salt diet and invites Indonesian families to live a healthier lifestyle.

Commemorating National Breakfast Week 2023, Ajinomoto Shares Information on the Importance of Nutritious Breakfast for Children

24 February 2023

Ajinomoto Shares the Importance of Nutritious Breakfast for Children in Commemorating National Breakfast Week 2023.

Ajinomoto's Efforts to Waste, In commemorating of National Waste Awareness Day 2023

24 February 2023

Ajinomoto collaborates with Rekosistem and contributes to waste-related initiatives in preserving Indonesia's greenery.

Health provider, Ajinomoto's contribution increasing healthy life expectancy and reducing environmental impact

12 February 2023

Ajinomoto contributes to improving the hope of a healthy life and reducing the environmental impact through the Health Provider program.

Ajinomoto Invites Media to Experience First-hand the Benefits of NIKUPLUS Product as a Solution to Improve Meat Texture

02 February 2023

Ajinomoto invites media partners to try directly cooking a food menu using the "NIKUPLUS" product application at Dapur Umami Studio

Recook Kachimeshi Menu for Power Sports Lovers

11 January 2023

Kachimeshi's nutritious and delicious food recipes to support power sports lovers to meet nutritional needs and optimize sports achievements