Umami seasonings made from fermentation of high quality, selected molasses. This product complies with the international standard and is under the licensing of AJINOMOTO Tokyo as the first company in the world to produce seasonings since 1909.


Flavor seasonings made of real chicken and beef meat with high quality spices. Masako gives your cooking the real meaty flavor and aroma that only homemade broth can provide. Advanced and hygienic processing technology creates high quality flavor seasoning that has real meaty flavor.

Sajiku® Tepung Bumbu

Seasoned coating mix made from the perfect blend of flour and selected spices, guaranteed to give delicious flavor and aroma as well as delightful crispness to any of your favorite fritters in an effortless way.

Sajiku® Bumbu Praktis Siap Pakai

Complete seasoning mix for easy preparation of your family’s favorite dishes. Made with dried-high quality spices, this product requires no additional seasonings to make delicious dishes and is very practical for daily use.


Seasoning sauces made with top quality selection of ingredients, bringing a distinctive oriental flavor to make your everyday dishes even more special. Saori comes in three variants, namely Saus Tiram (oyster sauce), Saus Teriyaki (teriyaki sauce), and Saus Asam Manis (sweet and sour sauce). Created using main ingredients from its country of origin and perfected to meet the taste of Indonesian people.


Mayonnaise made from top quality ingredients that give rich and mouthful creamy taste to your everyday dishes. Mayumi goes very well with vegetables/fruit salad, sandwhiches, or as filling/mixture for other foods.

YumYum Tom Yum Udang Kuah Creamy

Yum Yum Tom Yum Udang Kuah Creamy is an Instant Noodles with Thailand sour-spicy-creamy flavor, made from selected Thailand’s original spices and herbs.


Delito Instant Pasta sauce with 2 variants, Aglio Olio and Bolognese, made with spices and accompanied by supplementary material quality, gives a taste delicious as an Italian restaurant in a practical way


Birdy Latte Café premium Latte Powder, specially formulated with the right mix of quality selected ingredients to give you calm, warmth, and inspiring sweet moments as well as enjoy a drink at the Café Latte with a sense of quality, balanced and tasty.