Ajinomoto Invites People to Prevent Hypertension with a Low Salt Diet on National Health Day

23 November 2022

In commemoration of National Health Day, Ajinomoto & Anoki held a seminar "Controlling Hypertension with Low Salt Intake"

Ajinomoto Educates Future Chefs & Prospective Culinary Entrepreneurs to Create Healthy & Delicious Products

23 November 2022

Healthy & Delicious Kachimeshi Recook Menu, For Endurance Sports Enthusiast

23 November 2022

Kachimeshi will guide endurance, sprint, and power sports lovers to meet their nutritional needs, because each sport has different nutritional needs

Meet Mutiara Arsya, Awardee of Ajinomoto Master Scholarship Program 2023 to Japan

31 October 2022

Mutiara Arsya, the Awardee of Ajinomoto Scholarship Program 2023 to Kagawa Nutrition University, Japan

Ajinomoto Launches New Product NIKUPLUS as Solution for Meat Improver

20 October 2022

NIKUPLUS is a stabilizer mix food additive for meat that can improve meat texture to be more tender and juicy, and also stable during 4 hours of storage

Ajinomoto Launches New Product “GARLICOPLUS”, Garlic Flavored Seasoning a More Economical Solution for Food Industry

20 October 2022

GARLICOPLUS” provides the best solution as a seasoning that can increase flavor, scent, and character of fresh garlic to be stronger and longer lasting.