Ajinomoto Health Provider: Ajinomoto's Real Steps for Indonesian Health and Environment

14 November 2023

Ajinomoto's efforts and initiatives as a Health Provider in enhancing human health and environmental well-being. They focus on health programs, research on elderly nutrition, carbon emissions reduction, and environmental conservation. The article reflects Ajinomoto's commitment to creating a positive impact on human health and the environment and aspires to be an inspiration for the community.

Ajinomoto Health Provider Helps Improve the Quality of Life for the Elderly through Smart Salt & Physical Activity

10 October 2023

Ajinomoto's Elderly Program helps improve the quality of life of the elderly through a series of nutrition and health seminars while commemorating International Senior Day

Ajinomoto Indonesia is Also Visited Karawang to Launch the MAPAN Environmental Program

03 October 2023

As proof of the contribution of Health Provider Ajinomoto to the surrounding community, this time Ajinomoto also launched the MAPAN Environmental Program (Mitra Health Provider AjiNomoto) in Duren Village, Karawang

Ajinomoto Through aminoVITAL™ Support Garmin Run 2023

03 October 2023

The aminoVITAL™ from Ajinomoto Indonesia supports the Garmin Run 2023 Event which will be held on 24 September 2023 in the Summarecon Mall Serpong

Taking Part in Preventing and Reducing Stunting, Ajinomoto Provides a Series of Ongoing Education to Sunter Residents

29 September 2023

Masako® from Ajinomoto Earn Favorite Halal Brand Award LPPOM MUI Halal Award 2023

19 September 2023

Consistently ensuring all its product lines receive halal certification, Ajinomoto Indonesia through the Masako® brand won the Favorite Halal Brand LPPOM MUI Halal Award 2023