The Importance of a Nutritious Breakfast echoed by PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA in 2022 National Breakfast Week

28 February 2022

At 2022 National Breakfast Week, PT Ajinomoto Indonesia donate and educating the caretakers at orphanages about the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast

Ajinomoto Indonesia Media Appreciation Day, Appreciation for Media at the Beginning of the Year

21 February 2022

As an expression of gratitude and an opportunity to say hello in person, Ajinomoto invited several media to attend the "Ajinomoto Indonesia Media Appreciation Day" event.

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA & PERGIZI PANGAN Indonesia Public Education to Get Rid of Negative Stigma MSG Caused Obesity

11 February 2022

Ajinomoto and PERGIZI PANGAN disseminating obesity prevention education with a webinar: Does Umami Really Cause Obesity?

The University of Tokyo and the 6 Best Campus Destinations in Japan That Can Be Achieved Through the Ajinomoto 2023 Masters Scholarship Program

11 February 2022

Ajinomoto Indonesia provides Masters Scholarships to study at 7 of the best universities in Japan, including The University of Tokyo

“Eat Well, Live Well” and Reducing Environmental Impact, Ajinomoto's Commitment to Indonesia

08 February 2022

In an interview with CNBC Indonesia, Ajinomoto Indonesia conveyed his commitment and positive contribution to the people of Indonesia

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA Supports National Nutrition Day 2022 Through the Smart Salt Campaign

31 January 2022

PT Ajinomoto Indonesia supports the government’s efforts to prevent stunting and obesity through the Smart Salt Campaign on National Nutrition Day 2022