Ajinomoto Health Provider Together with the Mojokerto Regency Government Provides Education on Stunting Prevention & Handling with the Concept of Balanced Nutrition

26 February 2024

Health Provider Ajinomoto collaborates with the Mojokerto Regency Government to provide education on stunting prevention and management with the concept of balanced nutrition to midwives, posyandu cadres and PKK members

Ajinomoto Launches New Product Sajiku® Flour Seasoning Absorb Less Oil*

26 February 2024

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA launched the Sajiku® Seasoned Flour product that absorbs less oil, for those who like fried food without worrying about consuming too much oil

Health Provider Ajinomoto Collaborate with ANOKI Provides Smart Salt Elderly Snack Cooking Experience for Dietitians at the LASEHAN Workshop in Yogyakarta

31 January 2024

Health Provider Ajinomoto share nutritional literacy, umami role in helping improve Elderly quality of life and nutritious food menus with dietitians in Yogyakarta through LASEHAN Workshop

Ajinomoto Health Provider Invites PKK Mothers to Improve Family Nutrition Awareness Behavior in 16 Indonesian Cities

25 January 2024

In an effort to continue providing understanding related to the importance of balanced nutritional intake, wise consumption of salt, and family health, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA (Ajinomoto) invites mothers of Family Welfare Development (PKK) in 16 major cities in Indonesia to participate in the GEMBIRA (Nutritious Cooking Movement) event with Ajinomoto Health Provider

Reach Your Dream, Get Masters Scholarship Program to Japan with Ajinomoto

08 January 2024

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA reopens the selection for the Master Program scholarship for Indonesian students to continue their studies at various university choices in Japan

Masako® and Sajiku® from Ajinomoto Earn TOP Halal Award 2023

22 November 2023

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA won the TOP Halal Award 2023 for its two brands, Masako® & Sajiku®, as an appreciation for their commitment and consistency in implementing the Halal Assurance System and maintaining the halalness of their products. This award is organized by IHATEC Marketing Research and is a testament that Ajinomoto is able to meet the needs and expectations of the community.