PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA & PT Ray Hikmah Jaya Distribute Livestock Feeds to Farmers in the Karawang Region

22 December 2022

PT Ajinomoto Indonesia & PT Ray Hikmah Jaya Collaborate to Provide Livestock Feed Distribution Support for Farmers in Walahar Karawang Village

Ajinomoto Indonesia Wins the Green Industry Award with the Highest Level Category from Ministry of Industry

22 December 2022

The Ministry of Industry gave a value above 90% to Ajinomoto, for efforts to increase the efficiency energy and any eco friendly activities

Ajinomoto Invites Mothers to Improve Family Nutrition with GEMBIRA

22 December 2022

Ajinomoto invited Surabaya PKK mothers to GEMBIRA (Nutritional Cooking Movement with Ajinomoto Health Provider) to educate the importance of balanced nutrition

Ajinomoto Wins Katadata Green Initiative Award for Its Zero Waste Initiative

06 December 2022

Ajinomoto Indonesia received Katadata Green Initiative Awards for consumer goods for its zero waste efforts for environmentally friendly measures

Dapur Umami with ABC Cooking Studio Invites Cooking Enthusiasts to Create Delicious-Healthy Menu

05 December 2022

Dapur Umami from Ajinomoto Indonesia held a Cooking Class Event "A Taste of Umami" for cooking enthusiasts who are members of ABC Cooking Studio

Ajinomoto Collaborates With Baznas To Support The Cianjur Earthquake Victim

28 November 2022

Ajinomoto Indonesia Group Ajinomoto cooperates with BAZNAS in providing assistance to earthquake victims in Cianjur, West Java