Celebrate 50th Anniversary, Ajinomoto Indonesia Officially Launch Visitor Center

07 August 2019

Jakarta – Producer of well-known umami seasoning company, Ajinomoto Indonesia, continues to innovate. Entering its 50th year in Indonesia, Ajinomoto officially launch the "Ajinomoto Visitor Center" in Karawang Factory (NEF), West Java, on Thursday (25/7). The inauguration ceremony was held by Mr. Takaaki Nishii as Representative Director, President & Chief Executive Officer of Ajinomoto Group from Japan, remarks with ribbon cutting and signing of the inscription.

Won’t Stop to Innovate: 50 Years Ajinomoto in Indonesia

30 July 2019

Entering the age of 50, In its journey in Indonesia, Ajinomoto continued to carry out sustainable growth and innovations

“Delicious Everyday” Menu Application from Masako®

03 July 2019

Ajinomoto Indonesia presents the inspiration for the new Masako® menu by collaborating with Laudya Cynthia Bella as the Masako® product Ambassador Brand

P2MI's Efforts to Eradicate the Negative Stigma of Monosodium Glutamate

25 June 2019

Monosodium Glutamate, or known as MSG, still have negative stigma in Indonesian people.

Ajinomoto Indonesia Create Charity for Orphans During Ramadhan

22 May 2019

On this year, PT Ajinomoto Indonesia carried out do charity activities for orphans in the month of Ramadan for all Factory areas and the Ajinomoto Indonesia Head Office.

Winning Meal Project, The Way of Ajinomoto to Boosts Indonesian Athletes' Achievement

26 April 2019

Ajinomoto has a Winning Meal Project program to improve the achievements of Indonesian Athletes