Dapur Umami® Website Revamps to Inspire Cooking Enthusiasts to Digitally Solve Food and Health Issues during PPKM

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 28 July 2021

Jakarta – Dapur Umami® Webiste from PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA has recently launched a variety of new interesting features on its website ( With a new, more friendly and fresh user interface, Dapur Umami® Website realizes timely & high quality information / service provision through new features like smart search that matches the viewers’ food preferences, interactive communication among registered members, and consultation by Nutritionists. But most trendy and helpful especially in this PPKM period, is a special page created to provide various immune-boosting menus and health tips, which are delicious and easy to create, and informative to all cooking enthusiasts in Indonesia. (

“Dapur Umami® has been accompanying mothers, home chef, and all cooking enthusiasts in Indonesia for a decade with inspirational recipes. In this website revamp, we are ready to widen the function from just a recipe site to a platform to digitally solve food and health issues in Indonesia. We have added various new features that not only provide recipe inspiration, but also new experiences which are more interactive, fun, and helpful for all cookers, especially in this pandemic. This special page PPKM will give 10 menus to support every family fulfilling their protein needs. Also, we will provide fun activities where you can join from your SNS. And, we will share nutrition tips and reliable information related to UMKM, since many UMKMs are striving to stay on business. This is with hope to support every cooking enthusiasts during PPKM, to stay healthy and positive." said by Grant Senjaya, Digital Marketing Dept. Manager - PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA.

Other new features include ‘Teruji Umami,’ which guarantees the nutritious-ness and deliciousness of the recipe, ‘Pemandu Rasa,’ a smart recipe search for your needs, and ‘Tanya NutriExpert,’ which you can ask questions to real Nutritionist for suggestions. All of these features are ready for daily use and more coming up, to create new experiences which are profitable for mothers, home cooks, and all cooking enthusiasts in Indonesia.

“Through these new features, we aim to realize timely and high quality information / service provision to inspire all cookers in Indonesia. Please visit ( to check them by yourself,” Grant continued. PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA will not only continue to deliver deliciousness through their products, but will also aim to improve the wellness of people in Indonesia as a solution-providing company for food and health issues.


PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA is a leading food seasoning producer that has colored the lives of Indonesians with high quality products and brings delicacy in every consumer's dish. With its global slogan "Eat Well, Live Well", at the age of 52, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA has made extraordinary achievements that mark the strength and resilience of a company that can make a major contribution to Indonesian society.

Media Contact and Information of Dapur Umami®:
Jihad Dwidyasa
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Grant Senjaya
Dept Manager – Digital Marketing Dept.     

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