Winning Meals Kachimeshi® Video Shares Key to Achieving a Winning Physique: Balanced Nutrition Meal Support for I Gede Siman Sudartawa in COVID-19

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 04 June 2021

Jakarta - PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA has newly released the Winning Meals Kachimeshi® video in Kachimeshi® Website ( to share the company’s balanced nutritious meal support to national swimmer I Gede Siman Sudartawa, who is now preparing for the big international game in the midst of COVID-19. Through the support, they succeeded in decreasing Siman’s body fat while maintaining the energy level, which is bringing good result in his swimming record. The program has proved that balanced nutritious meal is the key to achieving a winning physique.

Since 2003, Ajinomoto Co., Inc. has been supporting top-level athletes in Japan by providing nutritional support through the Kachimeshi® program. The program aims to achieve better performance for national athletes through balanced nutritious meal which is based on sports nutrition and accumulated knowledge of athlete support, so they can become champions in the international events. This initiative has spread to Indonesia in 2018, and Kachimeshi® program Indonesia now support the provision of a nutritious diet adjusted to the needs of national swimming athlete I Gede Siman Sudartawa, supervised by Coach Albert Sutanto, along with continuous consultation from a professional Sport Nutritionist, Emilia Achmadi. This program is carried out consistently to shape Siman’s performance to always be at the highest level.

"Through this latest video, we would like to share the support that we have been conducting to Siman in COVID-19 situation. He is now in middle of a training camp, preparing for the big international game in July. But he had difficulties to prepare balance nutritious meals to maintain his body status, because there were many limitations to get the food he needed under the pandemic. In order to support Siman to improve his body status and further increase his performance, we have come up with a special meal plan and training menu that fits the needs of Siman’s current body condition," said Public Relations Manager - PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA, Katarina Larasati.

"Swimming is a sport in which athletes consume high levels of energy. However, one of Siman’s goal was to decrease the body fat. So, we have created delicious menus with the best balance of animal proteins to decrease Siman’s body fat while maintaining his energy at the same time. We worked with the nutritionist and training program with coach, and conducted anthropometric test (detailed health check) every once in a while to review his condition. As a result so far, his body status is improving as planned, and his performance level is also increasing compared with before. This clearly showed that balanced nutrition meal the key to achieving a winning physique for better performance. Please take a look at our video for details on Kachimeshi® Website (” continued Katarina.

"We will continue to support Siman to perform well in the upcoming games. And, will share interesting and informative contents from the data, knowledge, and experience that we have accumulated through this program in our Kachimeshi Website (” Said Katarina.


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