Fun Cook at Home with Recommended Recipes "Dapur Sehat Ramadan" from PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 04 May 2021
Jakarta - The continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic this year forces us to stay at home and cannot return to our hometowns. But don't worry, that doesn't mean gatherings with are not fun. Even though you have to stay at home, you can create 10 recommended Ramadan recipes on the special website of Dapur Umami Website “Ramadan Healthy Kitchen” ( from PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA.

According to Chef Andry Abboud, cooking can increase patience, calm the heart, relieve stress, and make you happy. "If there is an opportunity to cook, do it with pleasure," said Chef Andry. He also stated that Dapur Umami recipes is suitable for the tastes of Indonesian people. "So that certainly can increase appetite during the month of Ramadan," he said.

On the page "Dapur Sehat Ramadan" (, there are 10 good recipes for takjil, iftar and sahur, as well as step-by-step explanation of how to cook and accompanied by basic nutritional facts that you can check accordingly. Special for "Mayumi®" style Fruit Salad recipe, provided by a video tutorial on how to make it. This Fruit Salad Series can be used as an alternative for families to consume fruits with many choices, so that nutritional intake during fasting can be maintained. Fresh fruit plus Mayumi® are definitely suitable to complement the family's iftar meals at home.

Chef Andry guarantees the recommended recipes are very easy to practice. "So don't be afraid to try," he continued.

In addition, he invited the family to gather while cooking Ajinomoto Indonesia's menu. Through this ritual, the family will become compact and harmonious. “Of course, families can enjoy a cooked menu. "It is guaranteed, this Ramadan will be happy even in the midst of a pandemic situation," he added.

Grant Senjaya, Digital Marketing Department Manager said, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA raised the theme "Dapur Sehat Ramadan" for this delicious Ramadan dish. “This Ramadan is the second year of the pandemic in which Indonesian families will celebrate more at home. So that the kitchen will be an important factor for creating and exploring different nuances of Ramadan with takjil, iftar and sahur recipes. We want to help mothers to enrich the taste of Ramadan at home, which can allow families and guests to have delicious nutritious dishes without having to buy them outside," he concluded.

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA is a leading food additive manufacturer which has been around in Indonesia, continually provides high quality products and preserves the quality of recipes for 51 years. Along with its global slogan “Eat Well, Live Well”, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA has achieved remarkable milestones which proves the perseverance of the company to keep contributing in Indonesian citizens’ lives.

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