Health provider, Ajinomoto's contribution increasing healthy life expectancy and reducing environmental impact

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 12 February 2023

Established more than half a century, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA strengthened its commitment in providing the best products by continuing to adhere to the Ajinomoto Shared Value (ASV), which focuses on the pillars of health and wellbeing, food resources, and global sustainability. Through its global slogan "Eat Well, Live Well," Ajinomoto continues to make a major contribution to improving the quality of life for the Indonesian people as well as moving towards a sustainable, environmentally friendly business. The company's image as a company that cares about health and environmental issues in Indonesia is also projected through several activities carried out by the Ajinomoto Health Provider, which is the designation for Ajinomoto employees.

In ceremony of this year's National Press Day, Ajinomoto invited several media partners to attend, witness, and be directly involved in the initiatives carried out by the Ajinomoto Health Provider in helping reduce health and environmental problems through an event "Lebih Dekat dengan Health Provider Ajinomoto". Ajinomoto realizes that the contributions and achievements that Ajinomoto has recorded so far cannot be separated from the support and good cooperation with the media. As an expression of gratitude and an opportunity to visit in person, Ajinomoto held the event at the Ajinomoto Factory located in Mojokerto.


"As we all know, Indonesia is one of the countries facing a nutritional problem known as triple burden malnutrition. Malnutrition (undernutrition/stunting), obesity (overnutrition), and hidden hunger (micronutrients and deficiencies) are three specific issues. As one of top  food companies in Indonesia, we realize that we are part of the Indonesian family, and therefore, we as health care providers feel the need to assist the Indonesian people in improving and increasing their intake of nutritious food. For example, in December 2022, Ajinomoto invited PKK (family welfare development) - mothers in Surabaya to be involved in the GEMBIRA (Gerakan Masak Bergizi Bersama Ajinomoto Health Provider) event. More than 400 mothers received literation about the importance of balanced nutrition and how to manage balanced nutritional intake for the family. Today we as health providers invite several media partners to go directly to the community to provide counseling and share information about the safety of MSG and the importance of dietary salt with women in Gayam village, Mojokerto," said Grant Senjaya, Head of Public Relations Department of PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA.

Grant explained, "This year's National Press Day celebration is special. Thankfully, PPKM restrictions have started to improve, so we were able to invite several media partners from Jakarta and East Java to come in person to visit our first factory in Mojokerto. Hopefully in the following years, the good relations, cooperation, and collaboration between Ajinomoto and media partners can continue, so that the relationship between Ajinomoto and the media will become even more solid."

The event began with a warm welcome from Yudho Koesbandryo, the Director of PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA. Media colleagues were also invited to tour the factory to see the process of making Ajinomoto's MSG products and the co-products produced from Ajinomoto's remaining production. Apart from sharing information about the safety of MSG and the importance of dietary salt, the health provider from the Agridev Department of PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA also demonstrated AJIFOL fertilizer dissemination using drones to farmers in Gayam village.

"In accordance with the company's Ajinomoto Share Value (ASV), Ajinomoto is active in informing the public about the benefits of AJIFOL as a form of circular economic practices through the processing of by-products (By Product), which in turn refers to eco activity and the bio cycle, which can be processed into commercially valuable products (Co Product). We hope that the environmental initiatives that we are promoting can inspire many parties to work together to keep the surrounding environment beautiful," said Yudho.

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