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Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 03 July 2019

Jakarta - One of the most difficult things that mothers often face at home is making delicious, nutritious, and preferred dishes for children. Often children like to choose the food they eat, not even a few who only eat snacks from the outside, without thinking about the nutritional content.

Because generally nutritious foods such as vegetables are only cooked in the usual way, it caused children have no desire to eat vegetables. The task of mothers is to look for ideas on how to make food using vegetables like to children and also delicious.

Mom's busy life now makes us too tired to think about cooking ideas that can be children’s favorite, and choose to process vegetables as usual.

But don't worry anymore, PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia, to bring inspiration to its new menu, already collaborate with Laudya Cynthia Bella as the Masako® product Ambassador Brand.

"With Masako®, I provide cooking inspiration to mothers to make nutritious food using vegetables and of course delicious. "Masako® Rice and Dadar Masako® are the right menu ideas as a mother's solution to make children want to eat vegetables," Bella said.

This Masako® Rice & Dadar menu was launched along with the presence of the new Masako® TV ad, which aired on Mother's favorite TV program.

"This menu is perfect for anyone because it is easy to create something delicious to eat every day," said Ajinomoto Indonesia's Head of Marketing, Yani Herlyani.

Only with ingredients that are commonly used everyday and practical methods with cooking utensils at home, you can create delicious and nutritious Rice & Dadar Masako®. Just open Instagram @asli_Masako, then you can follow the recipe for cooking Rice & Dadar Masako® for breakfast, lunch or dinner menus.

About PT Ajinomoto Indonesia
PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia is a leading producer of food seasonings that has colored the lives of Indonesian people with high-quality products and presents delights at every consumer's cuisine. With its global slogan 'Eat Well, Live Well', at the age of 50 years, PT Ajinomoto Indonesia has scored remarkable achievements that signal the strength and resilience of a company that can make a major contribution to the people of Indonesia.

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