Find Inspiration to Cook a Balanced Nutritious Menu At Home with New Masako®

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 14 August 2020

Jakarta - PT Ajinomoto Indonesia, as one of the leading seasoning producers company, officially launched the new Masako® (seasoning broth). Now the two Masako® variants, Chicken and Beef, comes with a new formula, with more special broth, a stronger taste of meat extract, and a balanced salt taste, so that every cooking creation becomes more delicious every day.

Not only innovating the quality of taste with the right blend of selected spices and meat extracts, Masako as a brand that is always present for mothers and all who loves cooking in Indonesia, is also updating its packaging with a more modern design. In addition to updating the logo, there are various new menus taking into account the good nutritional value and delicious taste of each package to inspire Indonesian mothers to be creative with their dishes. The new menu is on the back of the new Masako® packaging, or can be accessed via the Dapur Umami website:

As a form of high commitment to the Indonesian people, the new Masako® is also the answer to the current situation. The existence of a new order with physical distancing and increased awareness of cleanliness and health as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has made families in Indonesia spend more time at home and encourage mothers to cook more and more often at home.

That way, creativity in cooking to avoid boredom and knowledge about balanced nutrition to fulfill family nutrition are one of the important keys in overcoming this situation. Masako® is always present as the main support for mothers to always create nutritious food creations that are sure to be delicious.

The same thing was conveyed by Yani Herlyani, Consumer Food and Seasoning Department Manager - PT Ajinomoto Indonesia. Currently, Masako® is not only focus on the target market who is used to cooking, but with this new formula, Masako® wants to be a friend for young mom or young people who want to be independent who are just starting to step into the kitchen to learn how to cook.

“We are aware that the current situation has prompted many people who used to eat out to decide to do everything at home, including cooking. This is done to maintain health, ensure cleanliness and break the chain of spreading Covid-19. Here, we will become their trusted friends, making them more confident in cooking, especially for those who first want to provide special dishes for family members. The vegetable menu is a special taste, and the side dishes (protein) can be even more special,” Yani explained.

Ajinomoto believes that this new Masako® can be an inspiration for mothers in Indonesia, so they can make more special dishes for families across Indonesia.

About PT Ajinomoto Indonesia

PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia is a leading producer of food seasonings that has colored the lives of Indonesian people with high-quality products and presents delicacy in each of their consumers' dishes. With its global slogan 'Eat Well, Live Well', at the age of 51, PT Ajinomoto Indonesia has scored an extraordinary achievement that signifies the strength and resilience of a company that can make a major contribution to the people of Indonesia.

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