PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA Collaborates with ACT Sharing a Healthy Menu for Iftar

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 27 April 2022

Jakarta, April 20, 2022 – The holy month of Ramadan is a beautiful moment for sharing. PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA (Ajinomoto) as one of the leading seasoning companies that cares about health and environmental issues, also cares about the nutritional intake and health of scavengers who are known as environmental cleanliness heroes.

Ajinomoto in collaboration with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) gave donations to environmental cleanliness heroes who live around Kalibaru, Cilincing, at North Jakarta. As a form of concern, Ajinomoto and ACT provide support in the form of healthy nutritious food menus for break fasting which were distributed to 1,100 scavengers and fishermen.

Grant Senjaya as the Head of Public Relations of PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA expressed his concern for the scavengers and fishermen at Kalibaru, Cilincing, North Jakarta, “Today, in this blessed month, soon we will together share a healthy iftar menu to our brothers and sisters at Kalibaru, Cilincing, North Jakarta."

"The iftar menu that was distributed to our brothers and sisters at Kalibaru, Cilincing, North Jakarta today is an example of the Salt Wisdom menu found on our Dapur Umami website ( ) which has been compiled specially by nutritionist of Ajinomoto. On this occasion, we can also taste the same menu. Healthy menu, with low salt, but still delicious. Through the ‘Bijak Garam’ campaign that we are currently running, we want to educate public about the importance of a low-salt diet and invite Indonesian families to live healthier life by reducing the use of salt in food processing.

“We would like to thank Ajinomoto for the assistance in breaking the fast menu which is distributed to the heroes of environmental cleanliness at TPA Terjun. We hope that this donation can be a blessing, both for the recipients and for PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA,” said Mohamad Irfan – Head of ACT Jakarta Branch.

Overall, the donation of healthy menus for breaking the fast conducted by Ajinomoto and ACT took place on April 13, 18, and 20, 2022 and was held in 3 places, namely the Final Processing Site (TPA) Terjun - Medan, Kampung Genderuwo - Surabaya, and Kalibaru, Cilincing - North Jakarta.

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA is committed to continue for make a positive contribution to society, by improving the welfare and health of Indonesian families through high quality products and services.

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