The Excitement of Media Gathering at Ajinomoto Visitor Center

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 10 October 2019

Jakarta - In order to introduce the new "Ajinomoto Visitor Center", which was inaugurated in July 2019 in the Karawang Factory (NEF) area, West Java, Ajinomoto invited about 20 national media to experience the excitement of umami taste. "Ajinomoto Visitor Center is a tour facility dedicated for general public to discover Ajinomoto's kitchen secrets; Recipe of Deliciousness, which is one of Ajinomoto ways to get closer to the Indonesian society, "said Mr. Samsul Bakhri as Director of Ajinomoto Indonesia when open the media visit.

Journalists are invited to explore the educational facilities available at Ajinomoto Visitor Center. Starting with the "Eat Well Live Well" theater, which features a 200 inch screen.

Continuing to the first zone in the Exhibition Area, media were then invited to the Umami Theater area.

"In this zone there is an audio-visual display of the forerunner of Dr. Kikunae Ikeda discovered Umami in Japan in 1908 with Saburosuke Suzuki and sold MSG AJI-NO-MOTO® products for the first time to the world since 1909," Mr. Samsul said.

"Because it has a visual screen size 100 inch, visual of Dr. Kikunae Ikeda at the Umami Theater looks like a real size, a human size in general, " Mr. Samsul continue.

Satisfied with Umami's history and Ajinomoto's products throughout the world, journalist were then invited to visit the Ajinomoto Visitor Center's second zone facility.

"In the second zone, visitors can see how AJI-NO-MOTO® MSG are made, and product size variations. In this zone there is a very unique 3D Projection Mapping facility, to explain the production process of AJI-NO-MOTO® MSG which has Japanese quality standards," Samsul said.

"Then in the third zone, we provide information about Ajinomoto's contribution through the Nutrition Policy and various nutrition programs. Besides that, Ajinomoto through Dapur Umami inspired 100 recipes of delicious and nutritious dishes that can be accessed via QR Barcode scan. In this zone there are also interactive games about balanced nutrition. We also have an Activity Area here, where visitors will be presented with interesting experiences related to Ajinomoto products," Mr. Samsul continued.

Mr. Samsul further explained that Ajinomoto also had Halal Certification from the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) and obtained a Halal Assurance System (SJH).

"With this latest technology facility, we welcome general public to visit the Ajinomoto Visitor Center and learn more about Ajinomoto products at the Karawang Factory. This place is very suitable to be visited by the community of mothers, educational institutions, and academics as an exciting and fun educational facility," he continue.

After visiting the Visitor Center area, media partners were also invited to see firsthand the process of making Masako® and Sajiku® through a strict supervision process, without preservatives, hygiene, and halal.

For information and how to reserve a visit to the Ajinomoto Visitor Center, can be seen through the Ajinomoto Indonesia website,


About PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia

PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia is a leading producer of food seasonings that has colored the lives of Indonesian people with high-quality products and presents delicacy in every consumer's cuisine. With its global slogan 'Eat Well, Live Well', at the age of 50, PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia has scored remarkable achievements that mark the strength and resilience of a company that can make a major contribution to the Indonesia society.

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