Ajinomoto Indonesia with Rosiana Silalahi Talking in Topics, ‘Live Healthy, Eat Well, How?’ on Kamar Rosi, Kompas TV Youtube Channel

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 24 December 2021

Instant food is often a choice for eating menus in the midst of busy activities. Not only practical and easy to consume, this type of food is also considered to have a delicious taste. Not to mention, technology that is growing rapidly is the answer to the faster food menu choices. As a result, people will think simply and relatively do not care about diet.

Without realizing it, this lifestyle actually messes up a healthy and balanced diet. In fact, it is undeniable that the habit of consuming food carelessly appears.

The modern lifestyle has also triggered the change in the traditional Indonesian diet from healthy, to poor in fiber and other nutrients. Unhealthy eating patterns include a diet high in fat and carbohydrates, foods with high sodium or salt content, low consumption of fiber foods, as well as smoking habits and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

It is undeniable that globalization has had an effect on the lifestyle of the Indonesian people, especially in their diet. Many people consume food menus without looking at considerations and prioritize pleasure and satisfaction.

It is not enough just to give advice or invitation, it also takes a high level of awareness to adopt a healthy eating pattern. It must be understood that the body requires a balanced intake of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and fiber to optimize the body's metabolic processes. The reason is, there are a series of dangers in instant food consumed in excess.

For this reason, various ways are used to get around eating delicious but still nutritious food, one of which is the use of MSG in accordance with the dose. For the people of Indonesia, monosodium glutamate or better known as "MSG" is certainly not foreign. This sodium salt from glutamate is a cooking spice that is widely used by Indonesian people to improve the taste of food to make it more "umami".

As a company that creates delicious and affordable seasonings, turning simple and nutritious fare into delicacies , Ajinomoto Indonesia also presents a platform around cooking and nutritious cuisine that features recipes, kitchen and cooking forums, the Umami Journal and questions and answers about nutrition at Tanya NutriExpert. at Through Dapur Umami, customers can easily find hundreds of recipe references that suit their needs.

Then how to apply the right diet according to the advice of nutritionists? Is the right nutritional intake consumed at this time? Together with well-known presenter Rosiana Silalahi and clinical nutrition specialist dr. Johanes Chandrawinata, MND, SpGK, Ajinomoto Indonesia were also present in the talk "Live Healthy, Eat Good, How do you do it?" on the Rosi Room program on the KOMPAS TV YouTube Channel. Watch it in full here.

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