Siman’s Inspirational Story: “I Wouldn't Have Been an Athlete If It Wasn't For my Mom”

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 23 November 2020

I got to know swimming when I was in grade 2 at Elementary School (SD) in Klungkung, Bali during sports lessons. At first, I was afraid of water (being told to take a shower was really hard), but I saw the swimming pool like a big 'bathtub', so I was attracted to this sport. In addition to that, at that time I had a classmate at school who was able to swim freestyle in a deep pool and the way he got into the pool was acrobatically cool. I was amazed by that because for me even in a small pool I felt like I could drown. Then I questioned myself, "Why I cannot do that?" That's when I told my mom that I really wanted to learn how to swim.

Being a mother who knows her child very well, she can see that I have a strong will to be able to swim, so it only took me 1 week for her to find a place for swimming lessons and 6 months after I already participated in a swimming competition between elementary schools in Klungkung Regency, Bali.

It was slightly simple if you read that, right? Swimming practice leading to participation in a swimming competition. Well, but I also want to tell you about Mama's sacrifice. Mama provided support from finding a practice site, taking me back and forth to the practice site and also preparing enough food supplies to restore my energy. The distance from the practice site from my house was 1 hour 30 minutes and Mama always drove us by motorbike which lasted until I was in 1st grade in high school. I really remember when I was in elementary school, I fell asleep on the motorbike because I was very tired after school and Mama didn't give up easily to take me to the practice site. She tied me with a rope around his body so that I wouldn't fell, and we could arrive safely.

But surely you can imagine not only delivering and waiting for training, Mama also preparing food. This exercise makes you hungry when you finish training and of course you don't want your child to starve. She even asked my friends what they ate so she could also provide a variety of menus for me not to get bored.

Many people have helped me becoming an athlete, from my coach, the swimming sports federations, and the government. But apart from all that, Mama's role is very important to take me to the place where I am right now. I have a lot to share through, a website from Ajinomoto Indonesia, who also supports my training by providing balanced nutrition meals to perfect my exercises. In this website you can also finds other stories around balanced nutrition lifestyle from various source sucah as Coach Albert Sutanto and a professional sports nutritionist, Emilia Achmadi.


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