Winning Meals ‘Kachimeshi’, Key Success of Swimming Athlete I Gede Siman Sudartawa Wins Gold Medal at the 30th SEA GAMES Philippines

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JAKARTA, 19 December 2019 - Ajinomoto Indonesia as a company that produces variety of seasoning in Indonesia is proud to hold the Winning Meals 'Kachimeshi' program which is a continuation of Ajinomoto's global program based in Japan. As one of the tangible contributions that Ajinomoto Indonesia has always shown by holding a Winning Meals 'Kachimeshi' program that is collaborating with national swimming athlete I Gede Siman Sudartawa for training programs while maintaining his fitness and nutrition intake, overseen by trainers and nutritionist specializing in sports.

The program began in Japan as an initiator, and Ajinomoto itself was the first Japanese company to commit and contribute to being an official sponsor of various international sporting events such as the SEA Games.

In addition, Ajinomoto Indonesia also carries out various educational activities concerning nutrition adequacy, which includes the provision of Ajinomoto products while promoting the 'Kachimeshi' program to the wider community.

"We are very enthusiastic about organizing this global program. This is also in line with Ajinomoto Indonesia's vision and mission to continue to contribute to the wider community. This time, by continuing a committed global program in the field of sports, we are happy to be able to support national swimming athlete I Gede Siman Sudartawa with integrated preparation starting from physical training fostered by experienced coaches and managing diet or nutritional intake according to his needs. At that time, with supervision by a trusted nutritionist. With this support we have provided, of course we believe that I Gede Siman Sudartawa has been in prime condition, especially when he joined the 30th SEA GAMES in the Philippines, which recently ended, with very proud achievements, not only for us, but also of course for Indonesia, by donating a gold medal. We believe that with the Winning Meals 'Kachimeshi' program, the athletes we develop can develop rapidly to achieve even more proud achievements," Mr. Ichiro Sakakura, President Director of PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia, explained.

I Gede Siman Sudartawa or commonly known as Siman, is an athlete that born in Bali, September 8, 1994. Siman is one of Indonesia's best swimming athletes specializing in backstroke category. Thanks to the Winning Meals 'Kachimeshi' program presented by Ajinomoto Indonesia, Siman was able to prove his best by making a proud achievement at the 30th SEA GAMES event held at the New Clark Aquatic Center, Philippines some time ago, by donating a gold medal for Indonesia from swimming in the 50 meter backstroke category with a time of 25.12 seconds.

Responding to the gold medal that was won at the 30th SEA GAMES, Siman said, "I am very proud to be able to bring Indonesia's name to the arena of international sports matches, one of which is the success of my gold medal at the SEA GAMES yesterday. This success certainly cannot be separated from the support provided through the Winning Meals 'Kachimeshi' program from Ajinomoto Indonesia. By joining this program, I was greatly helped because this program made very detailed planning for my food intake, from breakfast to dinner and healthy snacks or snacks between meals.

This support was provided, not only in Indonesia, but in various activities, including when I did training in America some time ago, while attending the ASIAN Games 2018 to SEA GAMES 2019 in the Philippines, I would like to thank Ajinomoto Indonesia for have entrusted and chosen me to join the 'Kachimeshi' Winning Meals program so that I can grow rapidly and achieve the best achievements that Indonesia can be proud of”.

For information, Ajinomoto Group has built a business foundation in Asian countries such as Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and several other countries and has been running consumer food businesses in these countries for many years and maintaining close links with food culture local to produce the best taste.

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