Terms and Conditions of Website Use

Website Use

  1. Below terms and conditions are applied to each user of www.ajinomoto.co.id (“Website”),hence, prior to using the website, kindly read carefully the following terms and conditions;
  2. PT Ajinomoto Indonesia (“AJINOMOTO”) has full right to altering contents of this term without prior notification.


  1. While using the Website, you are prohibited from committing the following acts:
    1. Actions that are classified as personal data violation or AJINOMOTO privacy, including but not limited to Website access infringement, security system infiltration, violating or damaging AJINOMOTO data and others;
    2. Actions that may harm AJINOMOTO or other parties.
    3. Actions that violates norms, ethics, decency, Ethnicity, Religion, Race, and Social Groups and/or defamation;
    4. Criminal acts or those which facilitate crime
    5. Posting comments, articles, utilizing Website contents and/or utilizing the Website itself for commercial aims.
    6. Providing false statements, data or information;
    7. Inducing computer viruses or other programs that either directly or indirectly harm the Website;
    8. Actions that AJINOMOTO deems inappropriate to be committed in accordance to Website use; and/or
    9. Actions that violates the law or applied regulations.
  2. Should above actions perceived, AJINOMOTO has full right to remove related data without prior notification and/or for legislation infringement, AJINOMOTO shall take legal actions as required.

Trademark and Copyright

  1. Ownership, Copyright or other rights attached to the information, articles, recipes, images, videos or other contents on the Website belong to AJINOMOTO or other parties whose usage rights are owned by AJINOMOTO. Hence, you are only allowed to use the mentioned contents above for non-commercial aims which is informative and private, by not violating the applied laws. In which you are about to copy a content (recipe) on this Website, information stating that you obtain the content from the Website is required. Apart from above conditions, you are prohibited from using any contents on this Website.
  2. AJINOMOTO is entitled to each information that you post to online forum on the Website as well as information provided to AJINOMOTO as in questionnaire, recipes, comments, ideas, proposal and/or other information. AJINOMOTO has full right to utilize above inputs to develop its business, with exception to your personal data recorded on the Website which will be protected according to AJINOMOTO Privacy Policy.
  3. Contents Copyrights that we send to you through e-mail belongs to AJINOMOTO and you are not permitted to disseminate it without authorization from AJINOMOTO.
  4. The entire Trademark exerted in the Website belongs to AJINOMOTO or other parties whose usage rights are owned by AJINOMOTO. Hence you are prohibited from using the Trademark without approval from AJINOMOTO.


  1. AJINOMOTO attempts to deliver proper contents on the Website. However AJINOMOTO gives no guarantee regarding accuracy of the meant contents.
  2. Without prior notifications, AJINOMOTO is fully rightful to freeze or terminate the Website as well as redirecting, repairing or altering contents on the Website;
  3. AJINOMOTO is not responsible to the loss that may occur, to you or to other parties caused by Website usage, neither to the access-loss to the Website, harms/damages occurred in regard with contents on the Website or access violation on the Website.

Your Personal Information Protection

AJINOMOTO shall protect and use your personal information according to our privacy policy.

Recomended Environment


Product Development Proposal, ETC.

AJINOMOTO is unable to approve ideas, concepts, notions or other suggestions related to product development, product marketing and other activities (“PROPOSAL”). Kindly note that for each proposal you send to AJINOMOTO, the following terms and conditions shall apply;

  1. AJINOMOTO is not responsible to protecting proposal privacy;
  2. AJINOMOTO has no responsibility to review or assess the proposal;
  3. Should AJINOMOTO develop concepts or ideas similar to your proposal, AJINOMOTO has no obligation to you.

Related Websites

AJINOMOTO is not responsible to each loss caused by contents of third party’s website related to this Website (“RELATED WEBSITES”) or by related websites usage.

In principle, you will not be charged for connecting with the Website. However, considering the contents, AJINOMOTO has the right to refuse being connected to another website before or after connected with related Website.


Applied Law and Authorized Courts

  1. The Website and its terms and conditions are ruled by and in compliance with the Indonesian Law;
  2. In which dispute and/or dissimilarity related to the Website and its usage occurs shall be resolved by taking legal actions to North Jakarta District Court in DKI Jakarta.