Masako® Product Description

Masako®, flavor seasonings made from the perfect composition of top quality meat, spices and seasonings. A very convenient way to create everyday home cooking that delicious, with real meaty flavor and aroma which only homemade broth can provide.

Masako® Varians

11 gram

147 gram.

Masako® Production Process

Masako® Product Excellence

Natural and Complete
Masako is made of fresh and natural high quality ingredients, which are fresh chicken and beef meat, combined with selected spices and seasonings
Masako gives the exact flavor, aroma and color to that of homemade broth
With only Rp1,000, you can get 2 packs of Masako to make real chicken or beef broth
Masako can be used for a wide variety of cookings, from soups, stir-fries, to fritters

Masako® Tasty Recipes

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