Compensation & Breaking Fast With PT Ajinomoto Indonesia Group

Published on, 15 June 2017

Ramadan is the month of blessing, every Muslim vying for blessing.

PT Ajinomoto who has been present in Indonesia for almost 50 years, again held breaking fast with all his employees. This activity was held at Ajinomoto's Head Office on Wednesday, June 14, 2017. Taking the theme of "Ikhlas Berbagi untuk Happiness Happiness", the company invited the orphans in the area around the office to break their fast together. This activity was also attended by the management of PT Ajinomoto Indonesia and local government apparatus.
Ramadan activities in the form of breaking the fast with orphans has become Ajinomoto's routine activity every year. According to the Head of the PR Department, Mr. Indra Nurcahyo, this event was held for orphans in the Ajinomoto headquarters area. "In this iftar event, Ajinomoto handed over Ramadan gifts as well as cash compensation to orphans," explained Mr. Indra.
Similar activities will also be held in 5 other locations, namely Mojokerto factory, Karawang factory, Surabaya branch office and Medan sales office. In addition to breaking the fast is also provided compensation for orphans around the location of the office and factory. This is an implementation of the company's concern to the environment and surrounding communities and as the embodiment of Ajinomoto Shared Value (ASV). Hopefully the children can also feel the joy and blessings of Ramadan.

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