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Published on, 17 March 2017

Since its presence as a reference menu that is easy, fun and healthy through the website ( and social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), kitchen Umami has reaped success.

Until November 2016 the carrying amount of fans page Facebook reach 1,970,335 fans, Youtube subscriber 71.902, and website Kitchen Umami is visited by an average of 25,000 people per month with interest high enough (visitors tend to spend more time and open a web page Kitchen Umami more than websites equivalent).

This proves that the content is in accordance with the Umami Kitchen Mom needs. The achievement makes the kitchen Umami number 1 fanpage than others in the category of food & beverages. Currently (November, 2016) Kitchen Umami already has 435 recipes and will continue to grow every week.

Continuing his success in the website and social media, kitchen Umami constantly innovating to help her more easily in everyday cooking with the launch of the Notes application Mama Umami in September 2016. And this time can be downloaded on Google Playstore (Android) and the App Store (IOS).

In this application, Mother can set up a plan to cook every day, and help Mom in making a shopping list of what is needed in the options menu mother.

Immediate download application notes PlayStore Mama Umami through Google (Android) and the App Store (iOS), and find a variety of recipes that is easy, fun, and healthy dishes to satisfy the tastes of Indonesian families.

Umami kitchen. Easy, Fun, Healthy.

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