Industrial Products


Umami flavor enhancer from AJINOMOTO that gives better taste, economical and efficient. It is ideal for applications in crackers production or snack and similar industries.


Food additive with main function to enhance flavors in liquid or paste seasonings. Very suitable for applications in the industries of soy sauce, ketchup, sardines sauce and others.


Meat extract seasoning made from real meat and selected spices, effectively escalates the meaty aroma and flavor for applications in snack and meat processing industries.


Convenient seasoning for fish products that improves taste and creates more savory, tastier and balanced food products with a hint of fish freshness sensation.


Very ideal for applications in the production of shrimp crackers, shrimp balls and similar purposes. This product harmonizes flavors and contributes/ enhances shrimp aroma and taste in food products.


Food additive of sweetener category with main function to reduce the use of sugar in food production. It has 10-times stronger sweetness than cane sugar. Very ideal as component of seasoning powder for applications in Snack Industry.


Flavor enhancer that creates KOKUMI (deliciousness) and enhances basic and middle note flavor components


Flavor and aroma enhancer that creates KOKUMI and enhances middle and top note flavor components

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