Ajinomoto Indonesia

PT Ajinomoto Indonesia enriches and gives more meaning to the lives of Indonesia by creating better lives through its unique food products which can realize “Eat Well, Live Well”, under condition that our business will definitely make the environment of the earth more sustainable.


Warm Greetings Indonesia.

It has been delightful for us to be a part of daily lives of the Indonesian society. Through high quality products and numerous social activities, we continue to give our best to fulfil the needs of Indonesians. This is in line with our philosophy, in creating a better life through the development of food and health.

We aim to develop a business for the welfare of humanity and the environment. Our mission is to strenghten the power of Ajinomoto group through the creation of food products, which can realize our motto Eat Well, Live Well.

Many engaging stories have emerged from the relationship between PT Ajinomoto Indonesia and the Indonesian society, which has enriches our lives. PT Ajinomoto Indonesia has always been committed to be the most trusted and always contribute to the Indonesian people.

I hope that the dedication shown by PT Ajinomoto Indonesia will further bring goodness and advantages to the lives of the Indonesian peoples.


President Director to PT Ajinomoto Indonesia.

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